Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2020

Happy Dragon Boat Festival - BizMagnet Limited

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday on the 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese calendar. Therefore it is also known as the “Double Fifth Festival”. On this day, people will have dragon boat races (dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft with a decorative Chinese dragon head). Besides the Chinese … Read more

WhatsApp Pay launched

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After more than 2 years testing in India, WhatsApp launched the digital payment service in Brazil. (India and Brazil have the first and second most WhatsApp users). Facebook (the parent company of WhatsApp) is pushing more e-Commerce to its platform. Users can send money free while businesses are charged around 4% to receive the money. … Read more

Hong Kong – Indonesia Free Trade & Investment Agreement effective in July

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The Free Trade Agreement and Investment Agreement between Hong Kong and Indonesia as an ASEAN member state will be in effect on 4th July, 2020. Benefit to both HK Goods and Services Indonesia will reduce tariff on goods made in Hong Kong, including jewelry, toy, watch and clothes. Hong Kong service providers entering Indonesia can … Read more

Deadline to join D-Biz’s Supplier Reference List: 6th June

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Up to the end of May 2020, Distance Business Program (D-Biz) received around 8,000 applications and 2,000 IT suppliers to join the reference list. The Innovation Technology Commission (ITC) announced that the deadline to join the reference list is 6th June. Suppliers wish to join the list should apply before the deadline. TVP plans to … Read more

TVP Project Commencement Following Application Submission

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From 1st June 2020, all TVP applicant can commence the project on the day following the application submission. (It was after application approval before), and the applicant should provide a “Declaration and Undertaking” to the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) within 5 working days after the commencement. This new policy can shorten the waiting for … Read more

Webinar: Made in Vietnam & Market Opportunity

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Substantial manufacturers in China is moving away due to the global conflict, and Vietnam is one of the popular choices. The HKTDC and the SUCCESS co-organize a webinar to discuss the latest situation in North Vietnam, including its advantages in manufacturing and market opportunity. There will also be an introduction to the BUD Fund. (Vietnam … Read more

D-Biz Mania

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Everyone is talking about Information Technology recently in Hong Kong. The story began from a blog post of then Secretary for Innovation and Technology Nicholas Yang (楊偉雄). On 19th April 2020, he announced the Distance Business Programme, D-Biz (遙距營商計劃) at the blog. The Programme would grant 100% of IT Projects that help enterprises to operate … Read more

COVID-19 Update

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The current operation status of BizMagnet Limited is urgent. As Hong Kong is now under COVID-19 epidemic (a.k.a. Wuhan pneumonia), all BizMagnet meeting should be held online or over the phone. BizMagnet cares everyone’s health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will keep information updated and transparent. More information on COVID-19 Hong Kong Latest Situation of … Read more

Welcome to BizMagnet

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Believe it or not, we finally initiate this project – the BizMagnet. We devote to business-government relations works for years and earn not only experience how to deal with government fund application but also precious friendship. Many friends ask us the same question, “everybody feels confused with the future after social unrest and the COVID-19 … Read more