Reindustrialization and Technology Training Programme, RTTP

The Innovation and Technology Commission launched the Technology Talent Scheme in 2018. Under the Scheme, there is the Reindustrialization and Technology Training Programme (RTTP). Hong Kong companies can gain the subsidy on a 2:1 matching basis to train their staff to boost technology and “Industry 4.0” related capability. The fund grants at most HK$500,000 every year to an eligible company. The initial payment is 50% of the grant on demand.

What is “Reindustrialization”?

Reindustrialization is the enhancement to traditional manufacturing with latest smart system and information technology. This includes artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), biotechnology etc. Reindustrialization is also known as “Industry 4.0” or “the 4th Industrial Revolution”

RTTP Eligibility

  • Hong Kong Business Registration
  • Non-governmental or non-subsidized organization
  • Trainee should be Hong Kong permanent resident with related experience

RTTP Application method

Companies should register and apply on VTC-RTTP website.