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BizMagnet Limited joined the Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme under the LWB.

The BizMagnet consultancy helps companies to apply for government business fund, which aims for business competitiveness, technological advancement, marketing and so on. Our consultancy service covers the following business subsidies:

BUD Fund

The BUD Fund provides at most HK$ 7,000,000 under Mainland Programme and FTA and IPPA Programme for branding, upgrading and sales to boost competitiveness in mainland, ASEAN, FTA and IPPA markets.

BUD Fund Consultant assists to plan the application strategy, analyze the case and response to the questions from the Secretariat.


The TVP provides up to HK$ 600,000 to sponsor enterprises to enhance competitiveness, upgrade or transform business process. Grant ratio is 75% and commence project after application submission.

TVP Consultant makes sure the application document (information, quotations, solution etc) in accordance with the TVP guideline.


The Export Marketing Fund (EMF) provides at most HK$ 1,000,000 for the promotion of export goods and services outside Hong Kong. Companies can complete the marketing measure first and there is no limit for times of application.

Under COVID-19, the EMF was extended to local exhibition, virtual exhibition and more local activity to support SMEs

We planned to apply for the BUD Fund (FTA and IPPA Programme). In the first meeting, we were so impressed with the professionalism of BizMagnet. The consultant asked for every detail to analyze our eligibility for government funding, and we got rid of further trouble. When the authority demanded additional explanations and supplementary documents, the consultant really helped a lot provide fast and straight advice. It made the application progress much faster. BizMagnet is so familiar with government procedures, and their legal team always give excellent advice to us.

Mr. Lai
IBS Research Limited

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Why BizMagnet?

The requirement and eligibility of Government Fund application is not easy for general citizens. Once you submit the application and believe everything fine, the Officer emails you and asks, “how many pages do you like to have for the booklet?” You wonder why the Authority requires you to answer such specific questions which no businessmen really care about. BizMagnet acts like a good translator between the commercial sector and the Government. Know more about Bizmagnet’s services.

Businessmen are from Mars, the Authority is from Venus


No matter you are a fast growing company or a business consultant serving clients to apply for funds, it is always better to let the professional to do their job and you remain focused on your own business.

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