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BizMagnet means business magnet, “to attract more business.”
BizMagnet adopts 2020 brand-new management thinking and technology to benefit our clients to enjoy more competitive services in terms of fees and effectiveness.
The Blue is your arm embracing business opportunity; the Red is ours supporting your fast moving works. Let us work together to attract more business.

BizMagnet government funding consultant

BizMagnet Limited was incorporated in 2020, and our principal service is to provide Hong Kong companies government funding consultation, including BUD Fund, TVP, EMF and ReTAAS etc. The members of the consultancy are from major government funding consultation firms and they are experienced in business and public affair. We care your needs and facilitate the application with all compliance.

BizMagnet is efficient and collects only a fixed service fee. We don’t carve up clients’ interest. We also welcome talents to join BizMagnet.

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