SME Export Marketing Fund

Export Marketing Fund for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME-EMF) launched in 2001 to help Hong Kong SMEs to promote export. This includes exhibition, business mission, publication advertisement, online promotion, building or upgrading websites and online shops etc. The grant for each application is 50% of the project cost (maximum HK$ 100,000) and the cumulative grant for a company is HK$ 800,000.

SME-EMF Funding highlight

  • Sponsor ratio is 50% (Maximum for each application is HK$ 100,000)
  • Cumulative grant for a company is HK$ 800,000
  • Implement first, application follows. (Reimbursement)
  • Initial payment is 75% of the grant
  • Only for Hong Kong SMEs (<100 employees manufacturer OR <50 employees service provider)
  • Only for markets outside Hong Kong (Include mainland China and the World)
  • For exhibition, advertisement, online shop and website etc

What promotional items does the EMF sponsor?

In general, the SME Export Marketing Fund sponsoring promotional items include:

  • Corporate website (required to display the company name, contact and products)
  • Online shop and promotional mobile apps
  • Exhibition (rental, cross-border traffic and expenditure) outside Hong Kong
  • Exhibition in Hong Kong and targets on markets outside Hong Kong
  • Traditional and online advertisement or upload fee for markets outside Hong Kong

How to apply for the EMF?

There are TWO types of EMF: “Reimbursement” (No initial payment) and “Initial Payment cum Final Payment”. As the EMF scheme pre-approves all the items, applicants should confirm if activities are supported. For detail, please refer to: Export Marketing Fund Application: A Complete Guide 2020

Reference: EMF Official site

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