Government Fund Applications

The HKSAR Government provides number of grants to local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), such as the TVP, the BUD Fund, the EMF Export Marketing Fund and ReTAAS etc These funds encourage local companies to improve in different aspects. BizMagnet supports client companies to apply for suitable funds to develop their business, and maintain a healthy cash-flow at the same time. Our practices include BUD consultation, TVP consultation

The major responsibility of BizMagnet in Government Enterprise Grant Application is to:

  • Check eligibility
  • Justify if the proposal reasonable and feasible
  • Review if the budget meets the requirement
  • Prepare the document
  • Help clients to response to the Authority

It is not compulsory to hire a government fund consultant. However, a professional consultant can save a lot of enterprise resource (manpower, time, money) with managed risk. In general, the consultancy service is suitable for non-listed companies.

Application as a Service

One remarkable strength of BizMagnet is the interoperability with other corporate service providers. In simple words, a business centre, an accountant firm or a business consultancy can provide the Fund Application service to their clients by subscribing BizMagnet service. We provide sufficient document, training and support to our business partners. For business partnership, please contact BizMagnet at below.