Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers TPLSP

The Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers (a.k.a. TPLSP) was established on 12th Oct 2020. The goal of the TPLSP is to help boosting productivity of third-party logistics service providers in Hong Kong.

The Transport and Logistics Bureau (TLB) appoints the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) as the programme secretariat.

Every eligible Hong Kong company can get HK$1 million at maximum from the TPLSP subsidy scheme. The TPLSP Scheme is open for application throughout the year. (262 companies have already got the subsidy up to March 2023. The scheme will end once the fund, HK$ 300 million, is depleted.)

TPLSP Scheme feature

  • 2:1 matching basis (Government to Enterprise), grant ratio is 66%
  • Eligible companies can get HK$ 1,000,000 at maximum
  • A company can apply for 4 times at most
  • Commence the project after application submission

Projects supported by the TPLSP

Technology applications or systems that enhance productivity, such as:

  • Automation, robotics and AI applications
  • Electronic Data Interchange system (EDI)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Real-time Location System (RTLS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Internet-of-Thing and RFID
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics
  • X-ray scanner of Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF)
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

How to apply for the TPLSP scheme?

4 steps to apply for the TPLSP scheme:

  1. TPLSP project planning

    BizMagnet will first assess the plan and the budget to make sure it is reasonable for the TLB.

  2. Standard procurement process

    TPLSP application requires certain written quotations.

  3. TPLSP application proposal

    BizMagnet will prepare all required documents.

  4. Assist in response to HKPC

    The HKPC will inquire for further explanation after submission.

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Who can apply for the TPLSP scheme?

Registered companies under “Business Registration Ordinance” (Chapter 310), and
Major business is import-export related third party logistics service provider, and
Not a listed company and with substantive business

How to prove the substantive business?

The authority requires the applicant to provide necessary evidences, such as MPF record, business contracts etc.

How much the applicant may get from the TPLSP scheme?

The TPLSP scheme is a matching scheme with a 2:1 (Gov to Company) matching basis. (i.e. subsidy ratio 66%). An eligible company can get HK$ 1,000,000 at maximum and apply for 4 times.

What projects does the TPLSP scheme cover?

All technology application system which can boost productivity and efficiency with specific purpose. For instance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), automation, robotics, IoT and RFID etc. Also the X-ray scanner of RACSF and ETD equipment. General equipment or software such as computers, printers or office software suite is not under the TPLSP scheme coverage.

When can we commence a TPLSP project?

Company can commence a TPLSP project the following day after application submission.

What is the vetting requirement?

Relevancy between the business and the project
Reasonable budget
Project detail
Supplier capability and record (E.g. no bid rigging)

What about the TPLSP procurement?

As the fund of the TPLSP scheme is from the taxpayer, the procurement should be in the standard and the supplier should also show its qualification.

Why should you consider a funding consultant?

An applicant can apply for the TPLSP scheme by self, and also should consider to hire a consultant. As a company can maximally apply for 4 times, most cases are the first attempt in usual. An applicant has to go through the application guideline to confirm the eligibility and to avoid mistakes. Relatively, a professional consultant is much more experienced to proceed. This can help saving cost and time to achieve a successful application.

BizMagnet government funding consultant helps local companies to apply for fund legally, including the Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-Party Logistics Service Provider. Welcome for enquiry.

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