ReTAAS has been closed for new application from 1st April, 2021.

You should consider the TVP (Technology Voucher Programme).

ReTAAS Common Questions

The ReTAAS is a dedicated funding scheme for Hong Kong retail industry, and the following is some common question about the Scheme.

What is ReTAAS?

ReTAAS stands for “Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme for Manpower Demand Management”. It is a HKSAR government fund to help the retail companies to apply manpower management technology to increase productivity. The Hong Kong Productivity Council is the ReTAAS Secretariat.

Who is eligible to apply for ReTAAS?

All non-listed Hong Kong companies with substantive retail business in Hong Kong. For retail operation, a company should show employments, agreements, locations etc to prove the eligibility. ReTAAS is also available for Online Shop.

How much can a retail business get from ReTAAS?

The ceiling grant is HK$ 50,000 for one company. ReTAAS will grant 50% of the project cost for each application, and a company can apply at most 2 times.

What items does ReTAAS cover?

Technology system that helps enhancing manpower demand management. For example, POS System (Point-of-sales), online shop, digital payment system, inventory system, security and surveillance system etc

How to apply for ReTAAS?

A retail company should submit the application to the HKPC (the ReTAAS secretariat) with complete project planning and budget. The Secretariat may need the applicant company to clarify for approval. After the application approved, the applicant can start the project and finish within 6 months. Then the applicant should submit the audit and final report for approval again. Once the reports approved, ReTAAS will provide the payment.

How long will the applicant wait after the submission?

In general, it takes 50 – 90 days for approval after the application submission.

Can I apply for the Scheme myself?

Yes, certainly. Nevertheless, a government funding consultant can help you to do it more smoothly.

Reference: ReTAAS Official site

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