Export Marketing Fund Application: A Complete Guide 2020

(Last update: 07/11/2022)

The HKSAR Government launched the “Export Marketing Fund, EMF” to help Hong Kong SMEs to boost export promotion and enhance Hong Kong competitiveness. Each eligible HK SME can have at most HK$ 1,000,000 and the scheme allows the applicant to implement the project first before application.


The basic eligibility of the Export Marketing Fund:

  • Valid Hong Kong business registration
  • Substantive business operation in Hong Kong
  • Small and Medium Enterprises. Manufacturer with less than 100 employees and Service provider with less than 50 employees

The proof of substantive business includes MPF record, business agreement, receipt, invoice, audit report and tax file

Related business

Two companies are considered as a related business if their shareholders, directors, addresses, contact phone numbers or businesses are similar. All related businesses will be counted as one single entity for cumulative ceiling. For instance, Company A, which is totally owned by Mr Chan, gets HK$ 700,000 already. Then Company B, which is also totally owned by Mr Chan, can have HK$ 300,000 to get only. (Ceiling at HK $1,000,000)


Each eligible company can cumulatively get HK$ 1,000,000. There is no limit on application number, and the applicant can get 50% of the approved project cost for each application (maximum: HK$ 100,000). The total cost of website or mobile app is 50% of the cumulative ceiling.

Funding scope

The EMF helps Hong Kong SME to promote exporting for better sales of products or services. And the supplier should have good record:

  • Trade fair and exhibition outside Hong Kong
  • Business visit outside Hong Kong
  • Local trade fair and exhibition targeted on markets outside Hong Kong
  • Trade publication advertisement targeted on markets outside Hong Kong
  • Advertisement, keyword search, product uploads, online shop, virtual exhibition etc on electronic platform or media targeting on markets outside Hong Kong
  • Website and mobile app targeted on markets outside Hong Kong

The Trade and Industry Department (TID) has a strict regulation on the scope. For example, a business visit must be organized by the government, authorities or qualified business association and participants should have a meetup with local corresponding units. If applicant has any doubt on qualifying activity platforms, objectives, natures etc, it can inquire the Department in written form.

Funding condition

  • The applicant company must participate on behalf of itself as a Hong Kong company and displays its Name, Address and Phone number.
  • Activity representatives must be the proprietor, partner, shareholder or staff of the company. The applicant cannot outsource the representation to other third parties.
  • The applicant should own the website domain and displays its name, contact and product detail on the website.

Specific funded expenditure

Expenditure outside Hong Kong

  • Booth rental fee, design and installation fee, transportation fee, guest speaking fee, promotion material cost etc in trade fair and exhibition outside Hong Kong
  • Business mission fee
  • Traffic cost between Hong Kong and the specific place (In general, it is the traffic fee 5 days before and 5 days after the activity)
  • Accommodation expenditure (In general, it starts 2 days before the activity to 2 days after the activity)

Media expenditure

  • Advertisement and search engine marketing cost on electronic platform
  • Upload products on platform, online shop and promotion fee
  • Virtual exhibition participation fee
  • Website and mobile app cost

In general, daily regular expenditure like salary, souvenirs or commission is not covered by the EMF.

Initial payment

There are TWO types of EMF application: “Reimbursement” and “Initial Payment cum Final Payment”


An applicant needs no initial payment can apply for the EMF within 60 days after the activity accomplished. Project first and application following.

Initial Payment cum Final Payment

An applicant can choose this type if it needs an initial payment. The initial payment is 75% of the total grant in the application, and the final payment is the remaining depending on the actual cost. The applicant should apply for the initial payment within 45 – 120 days before the project starts, while the final payment application should be within 60 days after the activity accomplished. Please notice that the applicant needs to return part or the whole payment if the actual cost is less than the initial payment or condition unsatisfactory.

Application document

  • Filled application form
  • Business registration
  • Form 1a/1c for Unlimited company OR NAR1/NNC1 for Limited company
  • The identity document of the representative
  • (Only for initial payment application) Funding agreement
  • Proof of substantive business operation
  • Original receipt or certified true copy
  • Quotation fulfilling the Standard Procurement Procedure

Proof of substantive business includes MPF record, receipts, invoices, bank statements, tax files, rental contract and business agreement etc.

Reference: The official website of SME Export Marketing Fund