HK Lifestyle ShoppingFest 2021

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The Hong Kong Trade Development Council organized the very first major exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic – “HK Lifestyle ShoppingFest 2021”. There are 8 main themes: baby, smart product, jewelry, health, household, pet, learning and food. Exhibitors can enjoy “Convention and Exhibition Industry Subsidy Scheme” and gain 50% sponsor with maximum amount HKD $10,000 for … Read more

Big data social media marketing with BUD Fund

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If things go right, China will be in post-pandemic time and online marketing will be more important than ever. Chinese rely heavily on social media, such as early day Weibo(微博), Wechat(微信) and nowadays Little Red Book(小紅書), TikTok(抖音) and Kwai(快手) etc. The Research Department of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) posted an interview on 15th … Read more

Kuala Lumpur consumer behavior research – BUD Fund to Malaysia

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The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) research has conducted a survey recently to study buyer behavior in Kuala Lumpur (KL) of Malaysia. BizMagnet BUD consultant believes that is valuable reference for businesses intend to go Malaysia, and highlights the keynotes with the information of the BUD Fund FTA Programme (a.k.a. ASEAN Programme). This article … Read more

Webinar: eCommerce content marketing & customer engagement


As eCommerce has become the mainstream nowadays, the new generation marketing method such as content marketing is more and more important. So what is content marketing? How to gather customers with content marketing? Different from old-day marketing, we emphasize customer engagement today. Customers are not only consumers but also our brand representatives. The Hong Kong … Read more

Webinar: F&B Success

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In all circumstances, food and beverage (F&B) is a sector never-die. Besides quality, the owner is also critical for the success. The HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovative Centre (SIC) event “Business Clinic” invites Calvin Tse, the founder and CEO of Kam Kee Cafe, and Jeff Law, the managing director of Top Soya Food, to share … Read more

Webinar: Why business needs inbound marketing?

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Inbound marketing is one of the hottest recent marketing strategies. Different from outbound marketing which keeps pushing advertisement to public intensively, inbound marketing pulls the customers attention via content, social media, SEO etc. The first advocate of inbound marketing is American company HubSpot, and BizMagnet is a government funding consultancy using inbound marketing. The HKFYG … Read more

Webinar: Government Funding Schemes – Promote business & Overcome challenge

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Hong Kong Government has set up number of funding schemes to help SMEs to explore exporting markets, finance and apply technology. With these funding schemes, companies can promote their business and overcome challenges. SUCCESS of the Trade and Industry Department invites the representative of “SME Reachout” to introduce major government funding schemes and answer frequent … Read more

BUD Success: Jewellery Story

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There are number of successful BUD stories since the establishment in 2012. The BUD Secretariat often invites applicant enterprises to share their successful experience with the government funding. BizMagnet BUD consultant is about to tell how a jewellery company transformed. From West to China The jewellery company had been a designer and manufacturer for Western … Read more

Export Marketing Fund Application: A Complete Guide 2020

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The HKSAR Government launched the “Export Marketing Fund, EMF” to help Hong Kong SMEs to boost export promotion and enhance Hong Kong competitiveness. Each eligible HK SME can have at most HK$ 800,000 and the scheme allows the applicant to implement the project first before application. Eligibility The basic eligibility of the Export Marketing Fund: … Read more

Brief Intro: Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

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When we talk about government fund, most of us will think about the BUD Fund or the TVP, and neglect the “Export Marketing Fund” (EMF). From 2001 to 11th Sep 2020, the EMF has already granted more than $3.9 billion to help SMEs to explore outside market. Let BizMagnet brief this useful EMF. Objective To … Read more