EMF cover 50% cost of new HKTDC sourcing

HKTDC sourcing

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) ‘s mechanizing platform “HKTDC Sourcing” will launch new interface and function next month. There are more than 2 million registered buyers and 100 thousand suppliers on the platform, connecting more than 20 million businesses annually. You can apply for government fund subsidy to use the HKTDC sourcing platform. … Read more

TVP consultant: think carefully for application

TVP trap

Recently BizMagnet TVP consultant received a case that a SME incited by a TVP supplier to use the TVP agent service. It was again a conspiracy of bid rigging. As the deal is under the table, the SME now has a tiger by the tail. The TVP IT supplier demands additional charge, while the SME … Read more

TVP POS retail system

Retail banner

Today(12/9) is the first weekend after social gathering ban relaxed (4 people for a table). Obviously there are more people in the streets and malls, especially restaurants and retail store in shopping malls. BizMagnet hopes Hong Kong people keep the social distance to protect ourselves and recover the economy soon. I went out to observe … Read more

False statement for government fund defraud – maximum imprisonment of 14 years

Law offense banner

Yesterday (2nd Sep) the Hong Kong Police Force arrested 15 persons, on suspicion of anti-epidemic fund fraud, seeking around HK$ 3.87 million. Suspects accused of submitting false proof, such as MPF records, transaction records, or altered retail photos downloaded from the Internet, to seek more government funding grant. This is another commercial crime case about … Read more

Webinar: Cybersecurity Essentials for Businesses


Last week, BizMagnet TVP consultant shared most noticeable cybersecurity threats in 2021. This week, the Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) prepares the webinar of “Cybersecurity essentials for Businesses” and invites the Security Architect of Cisco Hong Kong Limited as the guest speaker. In the webinar, we will see network security notices, recent common … Read more

Webinar: Doing Business in Mainland China: Protecting your Brands and Copyrights

This month, a Chinese company again sued Apple Siri for patent infringement; they even claimed more than tens of billions of yuan. After reading the report carefully, the case has been going on for 8 years! We believe that the bosses of SMEs have heard a lot of similar news. How to protect your own … Read more


BizMagnet - Seminar banner

The SME Reachout started operation on 1st January, 2020 to provide SME government funding consultation service. The online exhibition “SME Reachout: Fund Fair Everywhere 2020” will be held in 24th – 26th August. There will be 25 webinars and success sharing to introduce more than 40 types of government funding. These include BUD Fund, TVP … Read more

Webinar: New IT system management & working mode under COVID-19


COVID-19 epidemic returned to Hong Kong in July, and a lot of SMEs have gone back to the “Work from home” (WFH) mode again. In order to make works efficient, not only the IT system and facility, but also working mindset should change. As a management, are you ready? The Hong Kong Productivity Council invites … Read more

Webinar: New China Foreign Investment Law 2020

BizMagnet - Seminar banner

From 1st Jan 2020, China has a new “Foreign Investment Law” to replace the old one which was in force for near 40 years. The new law treats mainland and foreign businesses in equality. At the same time, certain administrative procedures are simplified to provide convenience to foreign investment in China. Expert from HKTDC Research … Read more

Webinar: Why business needs inbound marketing?

BizMagnet - Seminar banner

Inbound marketing is one of the hottest recent marketing strategies. Different from outbound marketing which keeps pushing advertisement to public intensively, inbound marketing pulls the customers attention via content, social media, SEO etc. The first advocate of inbound marketing is American company HubSpot, and BizMagnet is a government funding consultancy using inbound marketing. The HKFYG … Read more

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