EMF cover 50% cost of new HKTDC sourcing

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) ‘s mechanizing platform “HKTDC Sourcing” will launch new interface and function next month. There are more than 2 million registered buyers and 100 thousand suppliers on the platform, connecting more than 20 million businesses annually. You can apply for government fund subsidy to use the HKTDC sourcing platform. Let BizMagnet government funding consultant introduce it to you.

EMF grant for seeking buyers outside HK

If Hong Kong suppliers are looking for buyers outside Hong Kong, including mainland China, Macau, Taiwan and other countries and regions, it satisfies the principle of SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF). The EMF sponsors 50% of promotion cost without application number limit. We can first finish the projects before the EMF application and get at most HK$ 800,000 cumulatively. The HKTDC Sourcing platform is under coverage of the EMF, and the EMF will cover 50% of the annual fee.

Consultant sharing: EMF application guide

Depends, BUD Fund works here

Or, if using the HKTDC sourcing platform is part of your holistic business planning, and the plan fulfils the requirement of the BUD Fund, that is, the target market is either mainland China or ASEAN or FTA economies, we can consider BUD Fund application to get 50% grant. Certainly, the scope of the BUD Fund is more complex, not only marketing but also branding and transformation. Please contact BUD consultant for further information.

We need a website for online marketing, and we can have TVP

The foreign buyers which connect via the HKTDC Sourcing may need to understand more about the Hong Kong suppliers via the company website. If there is no company website, or it is outdated, it will impact the company first impression and there is no way for buyers to know more. Website development is a popular TVP case. The grant ratio is 75% and cumulative subsidy is HK$ 600,000. In general, a company website doesn’t cost more than HK$ 100,000 and the TVP Fund should cover the entire 75% of web system cost. If you need to apply for TVP, please find BizMagnet TVP consultancy.

The annual fee of HKTDC Sourcing is not high plus government fund available. We recommend Hong Kong companies in need of foreign buyers to use it.

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