CCB arrested 35 for TVP frauds

It was reported that the Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) of the Hong Kong Police Force arrested 35 people on 10th Jan 2024 for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) fraud cases, referred from HKPC, the TVP secretariat. The involved amount was more than HKD 10 million and one of the arrestee was an ex-district councilor Lam Chun. 1

The HKPF investigated 64 suspecious companies in the operation. It was discovered that some TVP applicants and vendors had no substantive business. Some vendors were represented by housewives, gas station staff and sailors only without any technology background. In general, some TVP agents advertised that they could help non-operating companies to apply for the TVP, “no success no fee”. From application, procurement, and even contact with the ITC, these agents could support the applicants to defraud government funding. 2

In view of the ongoing legal proceeding, the consultant is not going to comment on the case.

Nevertheless, the consultant had anticipated more legal action for government funding in 2024 around half year ago. There were numerous government funding application during 2021 and 2022 due to the pandemic. And it took a lot of time for commercial crime investigation. The consultant thought that most cases would be exposed in 2024 and 2025. It is just a beginning.

Whether the investigation is political or not, it is certainly frightening for many defrauding companies.

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