Successful BUD cases in 2022

Successful BUD application

The Dedicated Fund for Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD Fund) was launched in 2012 to help Hong Kong companies to brand, upgrade and market in mainland China. As Hong Kong signed Free Trade Agreement and Investment Promotion & Protection Agreement with other economies, the BUD Fund are now consisted of Mainland Programme and FTA … Read more

Webinar: F&B Success

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In all circumstances, food and beverage (F&B) is a sector never-die. Besides quality, the owner is also critical for the success. The HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovative Centre (SIC) event “Business Clinic” invites Calvin Tse, the founder and CEO of Kam Kee Cafe, and Jeff Law, the managing director of Top Soya Food, to share … Read more

10 TVP successful cases

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From social unrest and COVID-19, Hong Kong SMEs are under unprecedented stress. Never say never, there are also a lot of companies upgrade at the same time with the aid of the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP). They are optimistic about future and get well-prepared. BizMagnet consolidates 10 successful TVP cases to share the insight. The … Read more

BUD Success: Metal Die Casting

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As the implementer of the BUD Fund, the Hong Kong Productivity Council occasionally invites enterprises to share the successful BUD experience. BizMagnet BUD Consultant reviewed the story of On Hing Metal Die-casting Factory, presented by Eric Fung, the Business Development Director. On Hing applied for the BUD Fund Mainland Programme in 2016 for the first … Read more

CEO Online: How catering undergoes the digital transformation and innovation under COVID-19

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How digital transformation survives catering under the COVID-19 pandemic? The Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre of the HKFYG invites Mr Joe Yau, the CTO and CEO of Openrice to share his view. Joe leads Openrice to transform from a restaurant directory to an all-rounded catering platform. Date: 2020-07-31(Fri) Time: 5pm – 6pm Venue: Online Language: … Read more

BUD Success: Jewellery Story

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There are number of successful BUD stories since the establishment in 2012. The BUD Secretariat often invites applicant enterprises to share their successful experience with the government funding. BizMagnet BUD consultant is about to tell how a jewellery company transformed. From West to China The jewellery company had been a designer and manufacturer for Western … Read more

BUD Successful: Establishment in mainland China

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Everyone of us is talking about business development in China, but how to build our own brand and promote it thoroughly is a big problem. This time we will share a BUD successful story about a traditional dried seafood shop in Hong Kong. Mr Chan is the third generation of a dried seafood shop in … Read more