Webinar: Transformation of working culture, brand & HR management under COVID-19

Every business is under tremendous impact during COVID-19 pandemic, our working way and staff relation change significantly. In the past, we understood a brand in terms of marketing and promotion only. But now the company brand influences the business both externally and internally. It strengthens the sense of belonging and recognition among the staff. The … Read more

BUD case study: from material supply to brand

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I had a gathering with an old client and talked about business. My friend is a gemstone businessman, his major business is jewelry design and material supply. He has been in the industry for more than 3 decades, witnessed the open policy of China and global economic change. Gemstone supply is a steadily periodic industry … Read more

BUD Success: Metal Die Casting

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As the implementer of the BUD Fund, the Hong Kong Productivity Council occasionally invites enterprises to share the successful BUD experience. BizMagnet BUD Consultant reviewed the story of On Hing Metal Die-casting Factory, presented by Eric Fung, the Business Development Director. On Hing applied for the BUD Fund Mainland Programme in 2016 for the first … Read more

BUD Success: Jewellery Story

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There are number of successful BUD stories since the establishment in 2012. The BUD Secretariat often invites applicant enterprises to share their successful experience with the government funding. BizMagnet BUD consultant is about to tell how a jewellery company transformed. From West to China The jewellery company had been a designer and manufacturer for Western … Read more

Webinar: How Can Digital PR Improve a Brand’s Presence?

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We always do online advertisement but not everyone is successful. To boost the brand, we consider everything say creative advertisement, content, social media marketing, web design and videos. The HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre invites Facebook Marker Mr Shek and SHOPLINE head of marketing Ms Ho to discuss different strategy to promote. Registration: Meet … Read more

How to transform a family business to a Brand

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Often we see many businesses running over decades by generations. About 3 days ago, the Author attended a talk presented by the 3rd generation of a food manufacturer. The presenter told the audience how he has transformed the family business to a new brand and I’d like to share some insights with you here. Running … Read more