TVP Application flow 2023

科技券申請流程 TVP Application flow

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was founded in 2016 to support local businesses, NGOs and charities to improve efficiency and competitiveness with the use of technology. Every eligible company or organization can claim 75% of the IT project cost and it can be granted for 6 times. The total subsidy is HK$ 600,000. How to … Read more

T-box webinar: BUD Fund


The local and global economy suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to assist local SMEs, the Hong Kong Government enhanced the BUD Fund further. The BUD Fund subsidizes Hong Kong eligible companies to expand in mainland and FTA markets (includes ASEAN), upgrade, transform and brand. The Mainland Programme and the FTA Programme (formerly known … Read more

Webinar: Doing Business in Mainland China: Protecting your Brands and Copyrights

This month, a Chinese company again sued Apple Siri for patent infringement; they even claimed more than tens of billions of yuan. After reading the report carefully, the case has been going on for 8 years! We believe that the bosses of SMEs have heard a lot of similar news. How to protect your own … Read more


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The SME Reachout started operation on 1st January, 2020 to provide SME government funding consultation service. The online exhibition “SME Reachout: Fund Fair Everywhere 2020” will be held in 24th – 26th August. There will be 25 webinars and success sharing to introduce more than 40 types of government funding. These include BUD Fund, TVP … Read more

Webinar: F&B Success

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In all circumstances, food and beverage (F&B) is a sector never-die. Besides quality, the owner is also critical for the success. The HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovative Centre (SIC) event “Business Clinic” invites Calvin Tse, the founder and CEO of Kam Kee Cafe, and Jeff Law, the managing director of Top Soya Food, to share … Read more

IoT regulations workshop

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5G (5th generation technology standard for cellular networks) is available in many countries. Comparing to 4G, 5G has faster transmission, lower latency and less power consumption. It is suitable for “Internet of Things” (or IoT) that will transform significantly how logistic and business work. It is also important to understand the legal requirement during IoT … Read more

HKTDC Entrepreneur Day 2020 – rescheduled

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Due to COVID19 surging infection, the Entrepreneur Day 2020 is rescheduled. Nevertheless, the virtual seminar will broadcast as scheduled. More information: Rescheduling of Entrepreneur Day A major annual highlight by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council – Entrepreneur Day 2020 is about to launch under the COVID19 pandemic. It is an integrated event of conference, … Read more

BUD Successful: Establishment in mainland China

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Everyone of us is talking about business development in China, but how to build our own brand and promote it thoroughly is a big problem. This time we will share a BUD successful story about a traditional dried seafood shop in Hong Kong. Mr Chan is the third generation of a dried seafood shop in … Read more

The US is about to revoke the special status of Hong Kong

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The US President Donald Trump said he would revoke the special status of Hong Kong, in response to the passing of the national security law on Hong Kong in Beijing. “It is one country, one system. This is a tragedy for Hong Kong”, said the President. The US will impose sanctions against some top officials … Read more