T-box webinar: BUD Fund

The local and global economy suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to assist local SMEs, the Hong Kong Government enhanced the BUD Fund further. The BUD Fund subsidizes Hong Kong eligible companies to expand in mainland and FTA markets (includes ASEAN), upgrade, transform and brand. The Mainland Programme and the FTA Programme (formerly known as ASEAN Programme) grants on a one-to-one basis and the maximum subsidy is HK$ 4,000,000. The HKTDC T-Box workshop has a webinar “BUD Fund introduction” to help local firms to understand the objective, eligibility and application method.

Review: Should I apply for the BUD Fund or the TVP?

BizMagnet BUD Consultant would like to remind you that the authority employs the “Work from Home” policy again now. This may make delay to the application. Please contact BizMagnet consultancy if you need to make BUD application.

BUD Fund frequent topic

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