Webinar: Government Funding Support

Under challenges of the globe and the region, the Hong Kong Government upgraded the FTA Programme of the BUD Fund to FTA & IPPA Programme in July 2021. Besides ASEAN and other FTA regions, it extends to Japan and Korea. The upper limit of funding (both Mainland Programme and FTA & IPPA Programme) raised from … Read more

T-BOX: Intro to BUD Fund

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From July 2021, the FTA Programme of the BUD Fund has upgraded to “FTA and IPPA Programme“. Besides the ASEAN and FTA economies, the Programme now supports also Japan and Korea. The total subsidy of Mainland Programme and FTA and IPPA Programme increases from HK$4 million to $6 million. By the BUD Fund, HK enterprises … Read more

Webinar: Vietnam retail ecosystem

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Vietnam is one of the few Southeast Asian countries that can control COVID-19 epidemic well. In addition, the e-Commerce market keeps boosting in Vietnam and we expect that its scale will be about USD $52 billion in 2025. Many Hong Kong businesses are looking forward to enter Vietnam for more opportunities. The Hong Kong Trade … Read more

Seminar: ASEAN E-commerce

There are around 400 million Internet users in the ASEAN countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand etc. The economy grows rapidly and the e-Commerce atmosphere is quite unique. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organizes the webinar “Riding on the E-commerce Bandwagon: ASEAN Opportunities” to discuss the Southeast Asian economy and consumer features, … Read more

Online workshop: Vietnam search market


Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economy in the Southeast Asia. Google search in Vietnam grows rapidly and it is estimated that the e-Commerce market will have the size of 52 billion US dollar in 2025. In order to help local businesses to better understand Vietnam search market, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council … Read more

Webinar: e-Commerce in Malaysia

An early research by the HKTDC discovered that the consumers in Kuala Lumpur have accepted e-Commerce more and more. Many retailers which target on Malaysian consumers have joined local popular e-Commerce platform such as Lazada (the largest e-Commerce platform in Southeast Asia) and Shopee etc. The ASEAN economies grow fast in recent years with young … Read more

T-box webinar: BUD Fund


The local and global economy suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to assist local SMEs, the Hong Kong Government enhanced the BUD Fund further. The BUD Fund subsidizes Hong Kong eligible companies to expand in mainland and FTA markets (includes ASEAN), upgrade, transform and brand. The Mainland Programme and the FTA Programme (formerly known … Read more

Webinar: T-box workshop – BUD Fund

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The HKTDC arranges the T-box workshop and invites the manager of the BUD Fund Implementer to introduce the latest measure of the BUD Fund, including the virtual exhibitions organized by government related organizations or well-recorded suppliers. Also they will introduce the online BUD Fund application service launched on 30th June. If you like to enter … Read more

Webinar: Thailand Live Series (BUD Fund FTA Programme)

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The Hong Kong Productivity Council invites the representative from Office of Thai Trade Commissioner and several industry experts to share latest information about manufacturing in Thailand and some practical experience. This will definitely help you to enter the market and expand in the country. (BUD consultant: Thailand is an ASEAN member state which is covered … Read more

Webinar: BUD Fund & ReTAAS (2020/07)

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Hong Kong companies can submit their BUD application online from June 30,2020. The Hong Kong Productivity Council organizes a webinar to introduce the BUD Fund and its online application, plus ReTAAS the fund dedicated for retailers. The introduction includes application procedure and the vetting principle, don’t miss it. Date: 2020-07-17(Fri) Time: 3pm – 4:30pm Venue: … Read more