Seminar: ASEAN E-commerce

There are around 400 million Internet users in the ASEAN countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand etc. The economy grows rapidly and the e-Commerce atmosphere is quite unique. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organizes the webinar “Riding on the E-commerce Bandwagon: ASEAN Opportunities” to discuss the Southeast Asian economy and consumer features, as well as popular e-Commerce platforms. Speakers are HKTDC economists, Shopee experts and industrialists.

Now all eligible Hong Kong businesses can gain the BUD Fund FTA Programme (f.k.a. “ASEAN Programme”)subsidy to develop ASEAN markets. The maximum subsidy is HKD 4 million to help you to explore the markets, upgrade and develop the brand. BizMagnet Limited is a Government Fund consultancy to assist businesses to apply for BUD fund.

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