Persistence of Local Brand

The author attended an entrepreneurship seminar organized by Innospot. One of the speakers is Mr Tsang, the founder of a Hong Kong spirit brand Silver Bun. He has applied for the liquor manufacturing license for 6 years involving with many government departments. What makes him persist to chase this Hong Kong dream?

A Spirit made in Hong Kong

Many of us will feel weird at the first sight of the brand. How come it is possible to have a winery in Hong Kong? Alright, beers but not a spirit. Mr Tsang remembered that they were the only booth selling one spirit of one brand in their first wine exhibition. Nobody was interested in this “Made in Hong Kong”. Fortunately, he met a very nice wine agency and agreed to co-operate with him. In recent years, the local conscience has been growing in Hong Kong, and this encourages him to keep going on for the Hong Kong winery. Some non-drinking friends purchase a bottle of Silver Bun to show their supports.

No regret at all

The host asked Mr Tsang if he were able to know COVID-19 pandemic, would he produce the Hong Kong spirit still? Mr Tsang thought for a while and said Yes. Frankly, he told the audiences, he has got no paid for years but is still so proud of this identity. He loves Hong Kong a lot. For all of us as an entrepreneur, we cannot tell the future of the business. Nevertheless, the most touching aspect is that persistence.

Official website: Hong Kong Winery – Silver Bun (Chinese only)