D-Biz additional provision of $1B

Today (2020/6/26), the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) announced that the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) will have an additional provision of HK$ 1 billion from the Anti-epidemic Fund. Up to the moment, the government has received 14,500 D-Biz applications, proceeded 1,194 cases and approved 1,094 cases. The total grant is HK$ 44 million.

Criticized D-Biz may cease applications earlier

The D-Biz was criticized that most cases have only partial grants. For instance, a case looking for $100,000 was granted only $9,000. It just simply cannot help the SMEs in need and consumes a lot of resource of both SMEs and suppliers. The Authority predicts that it may cease accepting applications earlier in view of progress and grant. We expect another wave of D-Biz hit coming.

News: Government allocates additional $1 billion for Distance Business Programme