D-Biz Mania

Everyone is talking about Information Technology recently in Hong Kong. The story began from a blog post of then Secretary for Innovation and Technology Nicholas Yang (楊偉雄). On 19th April 2020, he announced the Distance Business Programme, D-Biz (遙距營商計劃) at the blog. The Programme would grant 100% of IT Projects that help enterprises to operate at distance. It was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A very similar scheme known as Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) has run for some years but the full grant makes D-Biz really shining.

Benefit the Hong Kong IT Industry

D-Biz sponsors every eligible company at most $100,000 for a project and $300,000 cumulatively. The total pool of the D-Biz is $500m and therefore around 3000 – 5000 companies will benefit. At the very beginning, the post told that only qualified suppliers can participate but then the constraint is removed. The entire IT sector goes crazy and does everything to prepare for the D-Biz.

D-Biz benefits the entire Information Technology sector

IT is the BIG trend of Future

In our first Economics lesson, we knew that technological advancement is the ultimate reason for economic development. Technology turns impossible distance business into a possibility. Even without any grant, business should adopt the use of technology to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. Mr Yang, we won’t forget you.

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