How to get Business Fund

If you have a smooth business in Hong Kong, it may be the time for you to consider an expansion to other regions. From an idea to a reality, we should have a holistic business plan and sufficient capital. People is always asking: how can I raise the fund? Let BizMagnet introduce to you some ways to get fund.

Get fund from Bank or Investor

Traditionally, entrepreneurs raise require capital from banks or investors, both ways there are pros and cons. First, we need a detailed proposal no matter financing from banks or investors. Once we get a bank loan, the debt ratio will increase the total risk to the enterprise. When there is adversity, the repayment power will worsen and put the company at crisis. Of course we can raise money from investors by issuing new shares, however, this will weaken the equity and control of the original shareholders. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch


BUD Fund helps business development

Well, there is still something called a granted fund from the government. In order to strengthen Hong Kong companies in the mainland China or Free Trade Agreement regions (FTA), the HKSAR Government launched the Dedicated Fund for Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (a.k.a. BUD Fund). BUD Fund Mainland Programme and FTA Programme grant 1:1 capital to Hong Kong companies to expand in these regions at a cumulative ceiling of HKD 4 million.

As by a bank loan or an investor fund, the BUD Fund application requires a holistic business planning to detail the overall picture of branding, upgrading and marketing. Professionals such as loan consultants and business consultants can help in the aspect, and BizMagnet is a professional BUD Fund consultancy.

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