CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2020 – Online for the first time


Since 2015, the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund has held the event “CUHK Entrepreneur Day” annually to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the event moved online for the first time. The innovation of CUHK members will be displayed with virtual interactive exhibition technology. The Chinese University of Hong Kong is well-known for its … Read more

TVP POS retail system

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Today(12/9) is the first weekend after social gathering ban relaxed (4 people for a table). Obviously there are more people in the streets and malls, especially restaurants and retail store in shopping malls. BizMagnet hopes Hong Kong people keep the social distance to protect ourselves and recover the economy soon. I went out to observe … Read more

5 Information security threats 2021

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In 2020s, every company relies on information technology somehow, from daily email communication, video conferencing, digital marketing to data system. People work from home under COVID-19 pandemic, and it will be a disaster if there is any information security issue. In the second half of 2020, BizMagnet TVP consultant summarizes 5 information security threats that … Read more

Logistic experts invest on freight marketplace

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When we talk about innovative technology, usually it is about young people. But this time the story is about Jimmy Chow, a logistic expert in the industry more than 40 years. Jimmy worked in many international logistic companies, and witnessed how Hong Kong participants rely on labours still. Staff has to call the clients to … Read more

Webinar: New IT system management & working mode under COVID-19


COVID-19 epidemic returned to Hong Kong in July, and a lot of SMEs have gone back to the “Work from home” (WFH) mode again. In order to make works efficient, not only the IT system and facility, but also working mindset should change. As a management, are you ready? The Hong Kong Productivity Council invites … Read more

Webinar: Home economy, new retail

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Under COVID-19, we are all talking about online shops. But is it effective to open a website only? The CUHK United College Alumni Association invites two alumni to share their e-Commerce experience. The first one is Ricky Wong (1985/EE), the CEO of HKTV Mall. (BizMagnet: Online shop is one of hit TVP projects) Date: 2020/08/21(Fri) … Read more

10 TVP successful cases

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From social unrest and COVID-19, Hong Kong SMEs are under unprecedented stress. Never say never, there are also a lot of companies upgrade at the same time with the aid of the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP). They are optimistic about future and get well-prepared. BizMagnet consolidates 10 successful TVP cases to share the insight. The … Read more

IoT regulations workshop

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5G (5th generation technology standard for cellular networks) is available in many countries. Comparing to 4G, 5G has faster transmission, lower latency and less power consumption. It is suitable for “Internet of Things” (or IoT) that will transform significantly how logistic and business work. It is also important to understand the legal requirement during IoT … Read more

Webinar: Advanced moulding technology and application

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The Hong Kong Productivity Council organizes a free online seminar to introduce latest technology and application of moulding. It includes conformal cooling, laser polishing and intelligent moulding system and application in Industry 4.0. The webinar is suitable for manufacturing industrialists. Moreover, moulding and machine upgrade is under the scope of the BUD Fund. Don’t miss … Read more

CEO Online: How catering undergoes the digital transformation and innovation under COVID-19

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How digital transformation survives catering under the COVID-19 pandemic? The Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre of the HKFYG invites Mr Joe Yau, the CTO and CEO of Openrice to share his view. Joe leads Openrice to transform from a restaurant directory to an all-rounded catering platform. Date: 2020-07-31(Fri) Time: 5pm – 6pm Venue: Online Language: … Read more