MPF Referral Service

Best MPF platform in HK

BizMagnet business consultancy co-operates with the best MPF platform in Hong Kong. The best MPF service makes you happy by:

Happiest employer

  • First year FREE basic corporate cloud service
  • FREE website service
  • Low management fee
  • Platform reward point for procurement

Happiest employee

  • Annual body check for every employee
  • Medical welfare
  • Low management fee
  • Platform reward point for employee welfare

Happiest HR staff

  • Automatic transfer in 3 minutes
  • Boss signs several times
  • Complete staff information
  • Easy for HR to transfer the MPF

BizMagnet Business Consultancy

BizMagnet has established a very good business network for years. The MPF service is free, simple and beneficial. It is totally free and simple, brings the best value to all Hong Kong companies. (MPF is a necessity to prove a sustainable business. If you need to apply for government funding, you must provide MPF record.)