Thailand loosens travel ban to Hong Kong

The Thai Government announced that the travel ban to 5 jurisdictions (includes Hong Kong) will be loosen on 1st July 2020. Hong Kong people with work permit will be exempted from a 14-day quarantine if they have COVID-19 tests both in Hong Kong and upon arrival. And they have to observe the restriction to not take any public transportation. Thailand banned all foreigners since March, and there has been no community transmission for 35 days.

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Thai-HK closer economic relation

Hong Kong and Thailand have a long history of closer relation in terms of living, economics and culture. Thailand is also a popular place for Hong Kong people to travel. In recent years, the economy of Thailand grows rapidly and the eye-catching project “Eastern Economic Corridor” (EEC) is the most important one in the country. The policy encourages information technology, biotechnology and foreign investment to transform Eastern Thailand into a world class hub in 2036. Therefore the project is also known as “Thailand 4.0”. The international horizon, experience and advantage of Hong Kong really meets the demand of Thai development.

BUD Fund FTA Programme

The BUD Fund launched the ASEAN Programme on 1st Aug 2018 to sponsor Hong Kong companies to invest and promote in the ASEAN member states (includes Thailand). After rounds of enhancement, now the ASEAN Programme has become the “FTA Programme” and provides up to HK$ 4,000,000 shared with the Mainland Programme. As now Thailand loosens the travel ban, it is the best moment for Hong Kong companies to prepare entering Thai market. Besides directly participating in ECC Thailand 4.0 project, the transforming economy also creates a new middle class to boost up the market size and quality. Anyone interested in the BUD application for Thailand, please contact BizMagnet.

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