The 4th round of Anti-epidemic Fund

Previously the Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that the government seeks injection approval to the Anti-epidemic Fund before Christmas. The fourth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund will assist those sectors impacted by the social distancing measures. For instance, restaurants, beauty salons, fitness centres etc. The application is simple and even raised by the government. Nevertheless, the detail is about to disclose soon.

We emphasized again and again that many governments provide record-breaking assistance to save the economy. However, Hong Kong, with abundant resource, chooses to talk about “Lantau Tomorrow” project in 2030s, but not the measures to save Hong Kong economy today. The slow responsive government announced the act after the 4th wave of epidemic, which is quite lagged far behind from people’s expectation.

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More difficult government fund

No matter of regular government funding such as the BUD Fund and TVP, BizMagnet consultancy anticipated that all granting would become stricter. For example, some TVP suppliers reflected that the D-biz grant was far from expected budgets. In addition, many government departments have employed the “Work from Home”(WFH) policy. A lot of application cases are now on held and applicants are just waiting.

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Polarized 2021 and get ready

Our consultants expect that economy by sectors will be more polarized in 2021. Financial sector performs not bad in 2020, so to food and hygiene tool, and have a bright moment in 2021. Nevertheless, lay-off wave is crashing most industrial sectors. BizMagnet government fund consultancy service can strengthen corporate cashflow, we also recommend firms to use 100% government-backed loan to increase SMEs’ capital. It is very difficult to get a loan when you are in shortage.

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