Webinar: we-media in China

“We-media” is the influencing mass message brought from amateur content creator via the network. For example, real time live sale, commentary videos etc. This type of information source by amateur is very popular in mainland China. The rise of TikTok, KuaiShou etc accelerates the we-media growth. Due to the huge population of China, there are fans for almost all genres and it brings very good variety in we-media.

The SUCCESS Centre of Trade Industry Department (TID) invites online marketing experts to share latest info of we-media in the coming webinar. They will also discuss variety of platforms and their target audience. In addition, the webinar will also cover some real case in China online marketing. Hong Kong companies entering China can apply for the Mainland Programme of the BUD Fund. The Fund will sponsor half of the cost and the cumulative subsidy is up to HK$ 4,000,000. The webinar is suitable for enterprises developing the brand to understand more about new economy in China.

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Info: SUCCESS webinars

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