Common items in BUD Fund Projects

After years of improvement, the BUD Fund “Mainland Programme” and “FTA Programme” (known as “ASEAN Programme” before) pair up at most HK$4,000,000 on a one-to-one matching basis to Hong Kong eligible companies. The following is some common items in the BUD Fund:

Extra Staff

Staffing is important for a new business development. Please notice that the company should employ new staff directly. If the staffing is in forms of a contract service, the relevant cost should be in the consultant expenditure pool. Also remember that the BUD Fund does not cover the wage of existing staff.

New machine or System upgrade

“Upgrading” is one of the core goal of the BUD Fund. The applicant can get the fund to purchase new machine, equipment, mould and system by explaining how these facilities can help improving the efficiency in the BUD proposal. The purchase could take 70% of the total project cost.

Advertisement and Promotion

Any commercial advertisement, including newspaper, magazine, television, radio, online keyword marketing, social media etc. Also the payment to spokespersons and KOL (Key Opinion Leader).

Exhibition and Roadshow

All the relevant fee of exhibitions, roadshows and press conferences. (Including staff travelling fee)

Patent and Trademark

The patent and trademark registration fee to the project, and the maximum subsidy is HK$300,000. Nevertheless, the company should do a trademark search first before application.

Web Design

The BUD Fund grants at most HK$100,000 for each application to enhance or rebuild the website.