TVP suppliers shouldn’t be a TVP consultant at the same time

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BizMagnet TVP consultant received inquiries recently if we can provide TVP quotation. The answer is NO, because BizMagnet is not an IT system supplier. BizMagnet is a government funding consultancy to offer TVP consultation. We are clear about our role to clients. However, some participants in the industry, no matter IT solution provider or TVP … Read more

Google and Facebook Pacific light cable network to Taiwan and Philippines

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Due to the US national security and the worry of American user information theft by China, the US Department of Justice advised the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to abandon a plan of building trans-Pacific undersea cable to Hong Kong by Google and Facebook. The advice was on 17th June this year, and it also advised … Read more

Macau GDP reduced by 67.8% in 2020Q2

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Last week, the Statistics and Census Service of Government of Macao SAR announced that the GDP of Macau in 2020 Q2 reduced by 67.8% year-on-year. Though Macau has exercised effective precaution to stop COVID-19 spread, the extreme measures also halted casinos running which highly rely on Chinese tourists. As we know, the gambling industry is … Read more

Webinar: How Kubernetes (K8s) container technology boosts WordPress to handle 10k hits/sec

Kubernetes(K8s) is an open-source container system. A container in computing is conceptually similar to a virtual machine (VM), but it can share operation system resource. Therefore a container system can dramatically reduce resource use from the VM architecture. It is also very elastic to handle multiple times of requests in seconds. The HKPC Academy arranges … Read more

Webinar: Cybersecurity Essentials for Businesses


Last week, BizMagnet TVP consultant shared most noticeable cybersecurity threats in 2021. This week, the Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) prepares the webinar of “Cybersecurity essentials for Businesses” and invites the Security Architect of Cisco Hong Kong Limited as the guest speaker. In the webinar, we will see network security notices, recent common … Read more

5 Information security threats 2021

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In 2020s, every company relies on information technology somehow, from daily email communication, video conferencing, digital marketing to data system. People work from home under COVID-19 pandemic, and it will be a disaster if there is any information security issue. In the second half of 2020, BizMagnet TVP consultant summarizes 5 information security threats that … Read more

Webinar: Doing Business in Mainland China: Protecting your Brands and Copyrights

This month, a Chinese company again sued Apple Siri for patent infringement; they even claimed more than tens of billions of yuan. After reading the report carefully, the case has been going on for 8 years! We believe that the bosses of SMEs have heard a lot of similar news. How to protect your own … Read more

Logistic experts invest on freight marketplace

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When we talk about innovative technology, usually it is about young people. But this time the story is about Jimmy Chow, a logistic expert in the industry more than 40 years. Jimmy worked in many international logistic companies, and witnessed how Hong Kong participants rely on labours still. Staff has to call the clients to … Read more

TVP “related entities” restriction relaxed

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According to the official TVP website announcement, the “related entities” restriction is relaxed from 2020/08/14. Now, different companies with the same ultimate natural person holding more than 30% shares will NOT be considered as ONE single entity. These companies have independent cumulative subsidy pool. In other words, suppose you own more than 30% of Alpha … Read more


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The SME Reachout started operation on 1st January, 2020 to provide SME government funding consultation service. The online exhibition “SME Reachout: Fund Fair Everywhere 2020” will be held in 24th – 26th August. There will be 25 webinars and success sharing to introduce more than 40 types of government funding. These include BUD Fund, TVP … Read more