BUD Fund increases to HK$7m

According to the BUD Fund official website, effective from 7th Nov 2022, the cumulative ceiling for every eligible enterprise increases from HK$ 6,000,000 to HK$ 7,000,000; while the maximum number of approval increases from 60 to 70. At the same time, the EMF also increases to HK$ 1,000,000.1

The Chief Executive gave his first policy address on 19th Oct 2022 and announced the upgrade of the BUD Fund and the EMF for SMEs

BizMagnet is a funding consultant to assist enterprises to apply for the Mainland Programme and the FTA and IPPA Programme of the BUD Fund.

  1. HKSAR Government, Press Release, https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202211/07/P2022110700151.htm