Review: Gov Fund seminar

Previously BizMagnet government funding consultant and HSBC Business Go co-organized the seminar “Latest government funding and bank loan strategy”1. In the event, we share the latest situation of BUD Fund and TVP with the audiences. HSBC Business Go is a B2B artificial intelligent digital sharing platform under HSBC Group. BizMagnet is also a business member of HSBC Business Go.

There were around 150 attendants in the hybrid online/physical seminar from a variety of industries. From manufacturing to wholesale and retail, from innovative to traditional, and you name it. As well, we have start-ups, decade-old masters or second-generation.

HSBC x BizMagnet
Latest government fund and loan strategy

HSBC offers special loan to gov fund applicants

BizMagnet consultants and HSBC corporate banking representatives shared the information respectively the latest hot government funding scheme and HSBC’s “40 Billion SME Financing Scheme 2022”. 2

Our consultants introduced BUD Fund and TVP (Technology Voucher Programme), as well as the common problems faced by applicant companies. The HSBC representatives introduced their 40 Billion SME Financing Scheme and special loan dedicated to applicants. Our clients applying for government funding always encounter the cashflow shortage, which HSBC can help with special facility. Enterprises can start their marketing project or technology advancement with the minimal cash.

During the Q&A session, our audiences asked many practical question. For instance, if they could submit multiple application simultaneously, and the steps to get the special loan. We thank all your attention for the success of the seminar, and please anticipate BizMagnet and HSBC to share more useful information.

BizMagnet is a government funding consultant to help enterprises apply for government funding such as BUD Fund and TVP etc.

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