Hong Kong – Indonesia Free Trade & Investment Agreement effective in July

The Free Trade Agreement and Investment Agreement between Hong Kong and Indonesia as an ASEAN member state will be in effect on 4th July, 2020.

Benefit to both HK Goods and Services

Indonesia will reduce tariff on goods made in Hong Kong, including jewelry, toy, watch and clothes.

Hong Kong service providers entering Indonesia can enjoy fair opportunity and legal protection. Main beneficiary could be corporate service, construction and engineering, and tourism related business.

Investment and return free transfer

Indonesia will provide Hong Kong investors the fair and equal treatment. They can transfer investment and return freely.

The FTA Programme under the BUD Fund (known as “ASEAN Programme” before) covers Indonesia and other ASEAN members. Investment in Indonesia is more attractive once the free trade in force. Indonesia has the highest GDP among ASEAN and brings us business opportunities. If you like to invest to Indonesia with the BUD Fund, kindly contact BizMagnet now.

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