Webinar: BUD Fund and ReTAAS

As COVID-19 epidemic slowed down in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia, it is time for Hong Kong companies to plan the business expansion. The BUD Fund is implemented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. Under the Fund, the Mainland Programme and the FTA Programme (formerly known as ASEAN Programme) provide a one-to-one subsidy up to HK$ 4 million. The Fund supports eligible Hong Kong enterprises to expand in relevant markets, upgrade and branding. It is a rare government fund sponsoring employment. The ReTAAS is dedicated to retail sector. It sponsors up to HK$ 50,000 to retailers to adopt specific technology system.

The HKPC organizes government fund webinar regularly. This time it will introduce the application requirement, method and notice of the BUD Fund and the ReTAAS.

Relevant reading: How much revenue should a company have to apply for the BUD Fund?

BizMagnet government funding consultancy: professionally assist Hong Kong companies to apply for government fund, such as the BUD Fund and the TVP Fund.

  • Date: 2020/11/20(Fri)
  • Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
  • Venue: Online
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Organizer: Hong Kong Productivity Council
  • Free
  • Registration: BUD Fund & ReTAAS Online Seminar

Info: Official website of the HKPC

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