Consultant: Demand in WhatsApp CRM

In early time, Facebook, the mother company of WhatsApp, launched the “WhatsApp Payment” service in Brazil. Recently, our TVP consultant often receives inquiries from local SMEs about customer relationship management system (CRM) supporting WhatsApp. It is because the instant messenger has a very high coverage in Hong Kong. Almost all smartphone users register WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. In addition, companies also contact customers with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp story

For all time, WhatsApp is free of charge and advertisement. Facebook acquired WhatsApp with $19 billion in 2014 and not many understood the reason behind. Now we know that Facebook anticipated an explosive growth of WhatsApp population that time and the acquisition can eliminate a very potential competitor. It is a strategic move for Facebook Messenger business. Nevertheless, no matter how Facebook invests in Messenger AI, the two billion strong WhatsApp users haven’t changed their habit much. Therefore Facebook changes its plan and starts to develop WhatsApp business. First, they launch WhatsApp business accounts. Then they open some of the API of WhatsApp in order to allow third party developers to use.

WhatsApp CRM

In general, a CRM should connect with every means of communication channels to automate procedures. This helps reducing human resources and customer segmentation. For instance, once a customer inquires by email, the CRM can determine the purpose, either to check new products, ask for customer services or other requests. A traditional telephone system that requires us to choose what service we need is exactly a CRM experience. In the past, we used phone and email; nowadays we use WhatsApp. That’s why the demand of WhatsApp CRM keeps increasing. Think about a logistic company, its clients are able to inquire by WhatsApp to check the progress and get notification. It is much more convenient and better user experience.

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CRM is a common TVP project

According to the data provided by the Innovation Technology Commission (ITC), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM are both most common TVP projects. An ERP system can save enterprise resource and enhance corporate efficiency. A CRM can improve customer relations and bring more business to the company. As WhatsApp is opening its API, there are more WhatsApp CRM available from time being and most are developed by foreign tech firms. BizMagnet TVP consultant can also recommend suitable TVP suppliers.

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