Policy Address: BUD EMF upgrade

Today (19/10/2022), the Chief Executive gave his first policy address and announced the upgrade of the BUD Fund and the EMF for SMEs:

  • The limit of the BUD Fund increases from HK$ 6 million to HK$ 7 million.
  • The limit of the EMF increases from HK$ 800,000 to HK$ 1 million. The special facility extends to June, 2026. The scope includes physical and online exhibition for local market, and extends to non-SMEs.

The effective date is about to be confirmed.

A company can apply for the BUD Fund by itself. However, it costs a lot of human resource to study the whole application guide and control the risk. By BUD consultation service, our professionals will help assessing the application and guide our clients to achieve the goal. You can therefore better utilize the resource.