BUD Fund 10th anniversary

One decade has passed since the launch of the BUD Fund in June 2012. The matching fund, initially, encouraged Hong Kong businesses to explore the mainland market. After series of enhancement, the BUD Fund now supports 37 economies and each eligible enterprises can get HK$ 6,000,000 at most.

In order to help you to know better the BUD Fund, BizMagnet consultant regularly posts relevant articles and updates news about the Fund. For instance, the FTA & IPPA Programme extended to Middle East on 27th June this year. We believe we are the first consultant to update the information on our official website.

Latest: BUD Fund 3rd phase extension 2022

Besides reading our blog, the HKPC organizes monthly BUD webinars (suspended during serious epidemic). The webinar lasts about 90 minutes and you may register by this link: HKPC BUD webinar

In general, BizMagnet consultant can determine the eligibility for the Fund within 15 minutes. And our service is straightforward, it includes:

  1. Assess business plan and budget
  2. Assist in preparing the proposal
  3. Assist in response to Authority
  4. Abridge procurement workflow
BizMagnet - The application flow of BUD Fund
BUD consultation service flow

A company can apply for the BUD Fund by itself. However, it costs a lot of human resource to study the whole application guide and control the risk. By BUD consultation service, our professionals will help assessing the application and guide our clients to achieve the goal. You can therefore better utilize the resource.