TVP Scam (Over the phone)

Hello everybody. You may read BizMagnet article “Common TVP fraud” and know some common tricks the fraudsters do. Recently there are more new tricks over the phone, one you are framed you may lose hundred of thousand HK dollars.

Basic: Technology Voucher Programme TVP

“Hi, let us get TVP money together!”

First, the scammer will call the company key person (it is very easy to get a businessman number). They will claim themselves as some TVP consultants or IT suppliers. “Do you know what TVP is?”, “we can help to get the fund and share together.” One goes to the consultant, one goes to the supplier and one goes to the applicant. Well, all parties are colluded teammates and the applicant is the only victim.

PS: It is somehow similar to “money dropping street deception”. A swindler drops money deliberately and another one suggests the victim to share it together.

If you’d like to keep listening, it will be like this:

“Our consultant will provide all necessary services. It includes supplier collaboration, pretending your staff to talk with the authority and so on. You won’t need to do anything and just get the money.” Is it so great? “Yeah, just apply the TVP for a system and claim the maximum (say $280,000). We can altogether get 75% (i.e. $210,000) and you get $70,000. As simple as that!”

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Scam school is a scam

If you have a clear mind, this is obviously a scam. However, if you keep going, it will be like this: “After the successful TVP application, you pay the supplier 50% as deposit (that is $140,000). They will refund you by cash. Then it is the final payment (another $140,000). We will provide the final report and audit report. Once the ITC approves, you can get the reimbursement $210,000. Your net profit is $70,000.”

What a genius scam!

Many years ago, there was a reading about a scam school. In a place which scamming was common, there are “scam schools” to train scammers. However, once you paid the scam school, the school disappeared. It is just a scam.

Back to the TVP scam, you may guess it right, the consultant will disappear once you give the final payment. Strictly speaking, the consultant is there but doesn’t response to you. Many excuses for the consultant inaction. Because you are not going to report to the police. In the above case, the applicant offends the law (conspiracy to defraud). Convicted may have a sentence of 14 years imprisonment.

If you need to apply for the TVP, do it legally. BizMagnet is happy to help.

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