No business! Just wait for the government fund?

A chat with my friends from business chamber (not at a restaurant but WhatsApp) and all agreed that it is so hard for business now. “Last year it was just messy, once it looked ok and COVID-19 came.” “Cases were less then we had the national security law. My business is all about the US, and I have no idea if Hong Kong status revoked.” “More unexpected is the 3rd wave of the infection. It is much worse than before.” Sigh..

Instant relief money and long term subsidy

Compared to my peers, I, as a government fund consultant, am a lucky one. Last article mentioned that the business of government funding consultancy is still alright, of course the cross-border BUD Fund has inevitable impact, but local funding such as TVP and others are popular. The government took reference from the Instant Relief Fund of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, and sponsored enterprises with cash (Employment Support Scheme, ESS). This relieved a short-term survival problem.

On the other hand, some regular funding has been enhanced during the epidemic. For instance, TVP project commencement just after application submission, the shared grant of 2 programmes in the BUD Fund, and online BUD application etc. It is hardly for the authority to consider all these measures in normal days.

Hard business

Icing on the cake

Consecutive black swans have given the most challenging time even for the most experienced businessmen. Capital always looks for good business only as icing on the cake. It is not easy to apply for government fund, they need the MPF, substantial operation and so on. As a consultant, I can assist only to check the eligibility, prepare the proposal etc.

Today there are more than hundred confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, with a lot unknown sources. BizMagnet wish you and family good health and peace.