Brief Intro: Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

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When we talk about government fund, most of us will think about the BUD Fund or the TVP, and neglect the “Export Marketing Fund” (EMF). From 2001 to 11th Sep 2020, the EMF has already granted more than $3.9 billion to help SMEs to explore outside market. Let BizMagnet brief this useful EMF. Objective To … Read more

WhatsApp Pay launched

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After more than 2 years testing in India, WhatsApp launched the digital payment service in Brazil. (India and Brazil have the first and second most WhatsApp users). Facebook (the parent company of WhatsApp) is pushing more e-Commerce to its platform. Users can send money free while businesses are charged around 4% to receive the money. … Read more

Webinar: Cross-border E-commerce as the Pathway to Sales in Mainland China

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There are about 900 million netizens in China, exists a huge business opportunity to cross-border e-Commerce. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organizes a webinar about relevant business solutions to help Hong Kong companies to enter the market. Guest speakers are Dr William W.Y. Lo, Mr Hermes Wong (Managing Director of Fedex Express Hong … Read more

Webinar: BUD Fund & TVP

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HKQAA Online Seminar: BUD Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales; and TVP Technology Voucher Programme – Optimization Measures and Application The BUD Fund grants at most HK$4,000,000 on a one-to-one basis and the TVP grants at most HK$600,000 on a three-to-one basis for an eligible Hong Kong company. The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency … Read more

BUD Fund Application – A Complete Guide 2020

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Since the launch in 2012, the BUD Fund is so popular for SMEs. The BUD Fund Mainland Programme and FTA Programme offers HK$ 4,000,000 on a one-to-one basis to encourage Hong Kong business to brand, upgrade and promote in mainland China and FTA economies. BizMagnet BUD consultant consolidates this “BUD Fund Application – A Complete … Read more

Webinar: BUD Fund & ReTAAS

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The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre organizes the “Government Funding Available for SMEs” webinar. Hong Kong Productivity Council speaker will introduce the BUD Fund and Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme (ReTAAS), about eligibility, scope and application procedure. Registration: Government Funding Available for SMEs

Common items in BUD Fund Projects

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After years of improvement, the BUD Fund “Mainland Programme” and “FTA Programme” (known as “ASEAN Programme” before) pair up at most HK$4,000,000 on a one-to-one matching basis to Hong Kong eligible companies. The following is some common items in the BUD Fund: Extra Staff Staffing is important for a new business development. Please notice that … Read more

Reindustrialization and Technology Training Programme, RTTP

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The Innovation and Technology Commission launched the Technology Talent Scheme in 2018. Under the Scheme, there is the Reindustrialization and Technology Training Programme (RTTP). Hong Kong companies can gain the subsidy on a 2:1 matching basis to train their staff to boost technology and “Industry 4.0” related capability. The fund grants at most HK$500,000 every … Read more

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