3 TVP methods you should know

3 methods

The Innovation Technology Commission launched the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) as a pivot basis in Nov 2016, and increased the cumulative maximum to HK$ 400,000 and made the scheme regular in Feb 2019. Due to COVID-19 epidemic, the TVP Fund further enhanced in the Budget 2020: maximum raised to HK$ 600,000, subsidy ratio raised to … Read more

Webinar: Government Funding Schemes – Promote business & Overcome challenge

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Hong Kong Government has set up number of funding schemes to help SMEs to explore exporting markets, finance and apply technology. With these funding schemes, companies can promote their business and overcome challenges. SUCCESS of the Trade and Industry Department invites the representative of “SME Reachout” to introduce major government funding schemes and answer frequent … Read more

BUD Fund ASEAN countries at a glance

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BUD Fund (Dedicated Fund for Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales) was launched in 2012. It is a fund to assist Hong Kong firms to expand in mainland China and boost their competitiveness. Hong Kong and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Natiosn) signed the “Free Trade Agreement” and “Investment Agreement” on 12th Nov 2017. Therefore the … Read more

Webinar: How to manage a WFH team effectively?

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The COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the life of mankind, and in response to a new wave of infection, number of enterprises assign staff to work from home again. It is believed that distance operation will be the new normal even after the epidemic. SUCCESS and Hong Kong International Coaching Community co-organize the webinar and invite experts … Read more

BUD Fund FTA economies at a glance

International Trade

BUD Fund extended to the ASEAN in 2018, divided into “Mainland Programme” and “ASEAN Programme”. It furthered to all economies which signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with Hong Kong, and ASEAN Programme upgraded as “FTA Programme“. After signing “Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement” (CEPA) with mainland China, Hong Kong signed a FTA with 7 economies … Read more

HSBC Report: COVID19 drives Hong Kong businesses to transform for resilience

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HSBC Navigator surveyed more than 200 Hong Kong businesses from 28th April to 12th May pandemic time. Around 60% of the surveyed enterprises claimed that they were well-prepared but can do more. Business needs more diversity, information technology and transparency in the supply chains to face possible challenges in the future. Diversity & technology Terence … Read more

TVP Statistic 2020

There are plenty of successful cases of Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) since the launch in 2016. BizMagnet TVP Consultant has tidied up open statistic and review relevant information. In according to Legco 2019-2020 meeting document (ITB written reply to Finance Committee), there are totally 3,442 application up to Feb 2020. Among the 2,318 processed applications, … Read more

No business! Just wait for the government fund?

Poor business

A chat with my friends from business chamber (not at a restaurant but WhatsApp) and all agreed that it is so hard for business now. “Last year it was just messy, once it looked ok and COVID-19 came.” “Cases were less then we had the national security law. My business is all about the US, … Read more

Webinar: Advanced moulding technology and application

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The Hong Kong Productivity Council organizes a free online seminar to introduce latest technology and application of moulding. It includes conformal cooling, laser polishing and intelligent moulding system and application in Industry 4.0. The webinar is suitable for manufacturing industrialists. Moreover, moulding and machine upgrade is under the scope of the BUD Fund. Don’t miss … Read more

BUD Success: Metal Die Casting

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As the implementer of the BUD Fund, the Hong Kong Productivity Council occasionally invites enterprises to share the successful BUD experience. BizMagnet BUD Consultant reviewed the story of On Hing Metal Die-casting Factory, presented by Eric Fung, the Business Development Director. On Hing applied for the BUD Fund Mainland Programme in 2016 for the first … Read more